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We operate in London, Essex, Middlesex, Surrey & Berkshire.



Lock Changes

Lock Upgrades.

Property Access

Access Control

Keypad & Electric Locks

Garage & Internal Door Access

Fixing a Door
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Image by Jaye Haych

Quick and Easy 

Book Online or Via Phone 

We have an online booking system below. Set Prices, Prices for lock changes will be discussed if it needs to be changed. 

We Show Up

We will show up at the date and time you choose on booking. 

All of our Security Professionals will call and confirm before arriving and sometimes ask for more information regarding doors that need accessing 

We will Pick or Change your Locks

As professional Locksmiths we will aim to pick the lock first if you lost your keys. However if you require lock changes or upgrade we will use another form of entry and change your locks the same day 

Two locksmith, repairmen, workers in uniform installing, working with house door lock usin


Please make a booking online we have a set fee for Domestic call out, the call out is due before we arrive. Most of our locksmith can enter during the first 30mins that is included in the call out. If a lock needs to be replaced or serviced charged very depending on the Lock. 

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